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What is Subbuteo?

Subbuteo is the trade name for the most popular table soccer game. It reached the height of its popularity in the 1970s. It is an iconic game that is part of popular culture, particularly in the UK and throughout Europe. Large scale production stopped in the early 2000s. TablesoccerUSA does not sell new Subbuteo items as we are not licensed to do so. 

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Subbuteo Catalogue from the 1970s

What is the difference between Subbuteo and "Modern" Table Soccer?

By the 1990s there was a split between the suppliers of Subbuteo and top players that were developing and experimenting with new equipment. This led to the formation of FISTF , the international governing body of Sport Table Football. In the USA the governing body is the American Subbuteo Association. Small companies emerged that made customizable bases and other equipment. The current world of table soccer includes people who love the old game, who collect, paint, compete, or just play for fun. You can play in tournaments with strict adherence to rules, or you can play on the floor with your kids and make up your own "house' rules. All the equipment is interchangeable. You need to discover what you enjoy the most! 


Italian Table Soccer Championships in 2019

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