TablesoccerUSA presents a “paint your own” 2022 World Cup Group B special offer! All 4 Group B teams. Each team consists of 12 bases, base stickers and blank figures on 3dRev solid print bases. $119 including postage in the USA. 48 total bases. 48 blank figures. Hours of fun. TablesoccerUSA. Get playin’.


The teams:


USA: Use your team as a prop to explain to Uncle Bert why you are breaking a 40 year streak of watching the Detroit Lions to catch a replay of the Uruguay v Ghana group game. Also explain that the game can end in a draw and watch the stunned reaction of your relatives. Spend Thanksgiving dinner explaining the offside rule with your figures.


England: Can they win the World Cup with 4 holding midfielders? Can Harry Kane win the Golden Boot just by diving and winning penalties? If Harry Maguire is the answer, what is the question?


Wales: Gareth Bale says “Subbuteo, Wales, Golf, LA. In that order.”


Iran: Probably going to win the group.


Create your own 2022 World Cup experience, and in this one nobody dies! Well, maybe Uncle Bert if he tries to put that Lions game on…


You can slide with these bases, you can chip with these bases, and you can control the ball with these bases. You are guaranteed to beat Carlos Flores with these bases*


* Please supply your own duct tape and IV Sodium Pentathol to secure and immobilize Carlos for the 30 minutes of your match.


Please allow 7-10 business days for manufacturing and preparation of your materials. We print to order.


World Cup 2022: Group B package

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