Designed and produced in the USA.

Base design by the "Brain Trust" of Eyes, Deinhart & Deinhart

Bases are 3d printed.

Material : PLA*/PETG

2 part base. A base and a disc.

Weighting can vary with addition of washers.

Standard configuration is one washer. 2.6g with figure included.

Base height - 5.2mm

Flat part of underside of base - 17mm

Dizzying array of colors for bases and discs

Figures do not need to be glued in - very light sanding may be required.

Figures, disc ,and base are a pressure fit. No glue.

Glue only for the interior weight as per player preference.

After bases are printed - 6 step process to finish including machining (sanding and polishing tools) and varnishing.

Please allow 7 business days from time of order to shipping date.

Pricing - set of 12 bases, discs and standard weights and 12 Stefan Corda figures will be $42 including postage in USA


**If you want one of your bases and discs to be a different color, use the "Base and Disc Color for Goalkeeper Figure" text box to type in your request


Do not see the color you want? Do not checkout. Email me your request at:

We will work with you on personalized options for a small surcharge - we have to purchase the filament..


*PLA can soften at temperatures greater than  130-140f (55-60 degrees Celsius). Do not leave in your car on a very hot day!*

3dRev Base Sets - With 12 Blank New LW figures

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